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finned tube air cooler

Air Cooler

The air cooler is independent of a set of equipment, covers an area of small, can be placed indoors or outdoors according to user requirements, and the equipment connecting hose can be also can use steel tube. The water pressure can be adjusted by adjusting the valve, water pressure gauge on the display by package, all valves before use in high frequency equipment shut down, through its own cycle, the water drain valve package under the water drained, ensure the equipment in use without debris, so as not to cause blockage.

Air cooler is the environment air as cooling medium, the horizontal fin tube, so that the high temperature process fluid to get cooling or condensation of equipment, referred to as "air cooling device," also known as "air cooling type heat exchanger". The air cooler is also called the fin and air blower, which is used to replace the cooling medium of the water cooled shell and tube type heat exchanger.

With the continuous increase in the use of induction heating equipment, because the users own conditions vary, some of the equipment for the water system is not enough attention, and some users are not required to use distilled water, and the use of ordinary well water or tap water, water quality in the actual work of water cooling system and components, such as the use of air cooling has the following advantages:

Main advantage

One, to improve the service life of electronic tubes (high frequency equipment). Ordinary water is easy to scale, need to be cleaned regularly, once it has affected the emission power and life of the electron tube, serious when the electron tube anode is easy to burn through.

Two, save energy. (take 100KW high frequency electronic tube equipment as an example) in the direct current high voltage, the water consumption of the anode is as follows: the ordinary water is about 8KW, the distilled water is about 70W.

Three, reduce electrolytic corrosion. DC current is formed by the water resistance of the anode high voltage. The electronic tube jacket the import and export of electrolytic corrosion, electrolytic corrosion rate of ordinary water is one hundred times more than that of distilled water.

The storage tank of the air cooler is about 0.4 ~ 2.0m3 according to the power of the device, and the water price of the water is between 250 yuan and 300 yuan per ton. Because the use of a closed cycle, so the water consumption is very low, to create the conditions for the use of distilled water, as a certain proportion of the special development of anti freezing products can be completely resolved the problem of high frequency water winter freeze. The use of distilled water not only improves the life of equipment and components, but also reduces maintenance costs, so as to achieve the purpose of improving productivity and saving energy.

Four, the air cooler through the air and water softening wall heat exchanger, the electric inductor, a thyristor, a tube and other electrical components of the heat emission in the air. High thermal conductivity of the heat transfer tube, a combination of high heat flux, so the device cooling efficiency is high. The use of air heat transfer, the heat to the air, the heat of the product, to meet the requirements of the induction heating system temperature.

The cooling system using distilled water in the air cooler and the induction heating equipment in closed cycle, clean water, the electrical system is cooled long scale, not blockage. Winter can be added in the cooling water antifreeze, put an end to the water is frozen bad, reduce the failure of induction heating equipment, the cooling system does not need to pool and cooling tower.

Five. The air cooling device solves many problems in the conventional water cooling system:

1, no need to pool, cooling tower, small area.

2, pure water circulation, clean water, no furring.

3, closed cycle, no debris into moss, the pipeline can not be blocked.

4, small size, good overall, easy to install.

5, the use of closed cycle, very little water consumption.

6, to avoid the failure of the summer equipment caused by the condensation of water.

7, the storage tank volume is small, the winter can use high frequency water antifreeze, to avoid the high frequency system caused by ice water failure.

8, the equipment in case of sudden power outages, water cooling can continue.

9, low power consumption.

Six, the air cooler for the sealing type, closed cycle. The observation of water tank equipment water enters the water storage tank, a pipe pump will soften water into the heat transfer tube group, forced air cooling, cooling water into the corresponding equipment package, the water pipe is provided with a water diversion bag, and through the hose or pipe are respectively connected to the inlet of needed equipment.

Spray device is the most hot weather in the summer, it is composed of a spray pump, water tray, spray pipe and other components of an independent cycle system. In the air blower and heat transfer tube, a small amount of water is injected into the fin surface of the heat pipe. The surface temperature can be reduced to the air temperature, so that it can meet the requirement of the heat transfer temperature difference.

Fan selection of large air flow, low noise, small power of the axial flow fan, pump selection of pipe, therefore, in the same lift and flow of the case, the use of conventional water cooling system of centrifugal pump motor power and air cooling device used in the wind turbine and circulating pump power and basic. The air cooling device is provided with a power distribution box, which can control the circulating pump, air blower, spray pump and digital temperature display instrument, and can also be locked with the equipment.

The reason of using the fin tube: tube inside water heat transfer is very strong, convection heat transfer coefficient of about 5800 W/ (M2), and if you do not add fin, tube air side heat transfer coefficient is only 120 W/ (M2), the total heat transfer coefficient K is very low (less than 120: This is one of the most basic principles of heat transfer), plus a few times, reaching 1100 (Gang Guan), 700 (composite), which is the most effective and economic way

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