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Lord Fin Tube--Boiler economizer role and the dangers in boiler

Economizer effect is to increase boiler water temperature, economizer position at the end of the boiler flue.


Flue gas after combustion in the boiler through the backpass after economizer, economizer have coil inside the inner coil is boiler feed water, the water in the coil absorbs the heat from the flue gas, cold water into hot water in order to achieve the effect of economizer.


As for danger, it is because by the coil economizer tubes or columns, smoke particles easily agglomerate after economizer heat exchanger, blocked or coil tube gap, resulting flue blockage, lead Wind chance damage, or damage to the furnace wall. In addition, if a short circuit or by the combustion flue improper to make the exhaust gas temperature is too high, only within the economizer medium is water, because the exhaust gas temperature is too high resulting in economizer water vapor to produce steam, blocking the formation of gas within the furnace, boiler water get in, economizer pressure. There is a scale, within the economizer if the scale too much can cause blockage, water evaporates within economizer, economizer cooling due to lack of water and burn, boiler water also easily lead to accidents, which is why economizer valve and thermometers to be installed separately, if this is the case, you should immediately open the economizer bypass waterway, close economizer inlet and outlet.