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Lord Fin Tube--brazing finned tubes in low pressure economizer

Power station used deep cooling type nickel based brazing finned tubes in low pressure economizer.

Basic profile

The past two years, the deep cold type low pressure economizer is saving device favored major domestic power plants. Due to the current trend of high coal prices high, has exceeded 1,000 yuan per ton, the plant transformation imperative.
The nickel based brazing finned tubes economizer installed low pressure in the boiler flue tail, the smoke and then dropped to about 130 ℃ 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, the temperature drop 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, can reach every kilowatt Festival Coal 3 ~ 5g. Such as the installation of 200MW in Shandong century electricity per year to run 5500h count, folding fan to increase consumption and other expenses, net coal over 4000 tons, which recovered more than 400 million years. System investment in 1.5 years to recover. The device to ensure the unit for eight years running, the recovery value is considerable.
The product has been successfully running more than a dozen power plants in the country, especially this year, greatly increased the demand for power plants, and thus nickel-based brazing technology manufacturers handful, the current manufacturers, only Jiaozuo Guo energy, Tianjin Huaneng, Jiaozuo Zhongzhou three in production. Jiaozuo Guo energy this year has produced six sets (300MW and 200MW units), the output value of about 900 million. Jiaozuo Zhongzhou year may make four sets, Tianjin Huaneng unknown.
The current production capacity can not meet the needs of the domestic power plants.
Today some domestic well-known institutions and design units and Jiaozuo Guo can contact economizer cooperation matters. Tsinghua University, Shandong University, China Huaneng clean technology company, Alexander Walter environmental engineering company and Jiangsu, Hangzhou Electric Power Design Institute.
The market prospects are very broad, the vitality of products to more than 10 years.
Technical Introduction
Low pressure economizer core element is the use of nickel-based brazing and diffusion layer fin tube heat exchanger components as the contact resistance is almost zero fins and tubes, heat stable, resistant to erosion, corrosion-resistant function, other types of economizer that fall. Furthermore the use of finned tube heating surface expanded several times, the small economizer footprint, compact layout. Within the existing power plant flue limited space can be flexibly arranged.