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Lord Fin Tube-Rolling C71500 copper-nickel finned tubes

At present, there are many grades of copper and copper alloy finned tube products. The most difficult grade to be recognized is C71500 copper-nickel finned tube, because it contains nickel and iron. Everyone knows the characteristics of nickel and ferrous metals, so the torsion and pressure of rolling rotation are large. These inherent properties determine the requirements of the equipment design.

There are many domestic manufacturers of finned tube equipment, and their structures are similar. The tool holder and hydraulic mechanism part of the core part should not be much different. The key spindle transmission parts and installation methods are personally considered to be different, such as the spindle universal coupling High-precision installation of the device and the spindle. I understand that the universal coupling is mostly used in the pin-through structure. This method is most prone to wear and tear when rotating under high torque and rapid compression. Generally, only more than 500 pieces will be rolled. The installation of one-way thrust bearings for the main shaft is the most particular, and too tight or too loose are prone to major quality accidents. For example, the thickness of the fin is different, the depth of the tooth root is different, the height of the fin is uneven, and the beginning and ending are more Difficult to understand problems occur. Of course, even if it is adjusted to just right, it is also due to rotation torque and pressure overload. This is a limitation of design and product specifications. If the range of equipment specifications is very different, the sacrifice is Quality and equipment, but there are also ways to improve. By redesigning and improving, I solved all the above problems, so I wo n’t go into details here.

The design and arrangement of the rolling blades are particular. They are generally determined by the number of teeth and the height of the wings. There are many combinations. Of course, the appearance of the products is different. The best combination is the most exciting. Products, such as 26 teeth / inch, fin height 1.4mm, some people will choose 0.45, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.7 blades, etc., you may think that such a small gap will not produce any big appearance effect, tried It is a kind of persuasion, but it is necessary to solve the installation and coordination of the blade sleeve and the spindle first. This is the key. I figured out a set of easy-to-use rules. Through the design, installation and comprehensive adjustment of pressure, I solved the problem of too small outer diameter in the beginning section and too large outer diameter in the ending section, because the function of the light pipe section is to seal ,its necessary.

Many people may know from the rolling of finned tubes to the packaging of finished products. My current equipment layout can enable 2 people to operate 2 fin machine equipment, and simultaneously operate the finished sawing machine, nozzle repair and high pressure gas Inspection equipment, etc., I designed a fully automatic equipment after the degreasing and degreasing cleaning, the effect is very good, about 2 tons / hour, the bright annealing process is very mature, and the annealing product is very powerful. Probably because many of my equipment are designed and manufactured by myself. Compared with the same industry, there will be many differences in the way, but I believe this is the most labor-saving and efficiency-increasing, because many integrations have saved a lot of production personnel.

C71500 copper-nickel finned tubes

In terms of the key rolled product rate, the current yield rate of copper-nickel finned tubes I produce is 97%. I do n’t know much about the peers, but I believe it is quite high. No cracks were found during the rolling process. Or the quality of internal threads, etc. This should be attributed to our company ’s good control of the production process from raw materials to light pipes. It must be that the best domestic copper producers can not only talk about it, but also that the prepared technical process meets the requirements. The equipment has been reformed relatively well, and the process arrangements have been properly handled.

Speaking of technical issues such as process parameter setting and blade adjustment, it is quite complicated, such as transmission speed setting, hydraulic pressure and feed retraction speed setting, the adjustment of the relationship between the three sets of blades, and the design of the core head Wait, these are interrelated, and the same industry is still keeping secret, so you know the importance of these parameters.


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