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Lord Fin Tube--Double H fin tube indonesia

Double H fin tube indonesia

H-fin fin (fin, rib) tube-type waste heat recovery device (also known as economizer) H-type finned tube economizer technology is the use of H-finned tube (also known as H-fin tube, finned tube , Butterfly tube) assembled into an efficient heat exchanger. 1, the structure: the basic form of "H" type and double "H" type, arranged in rows. 2, the performance characteristics 1) Economizer with H-type finned tube economizer instead of light pipe economizer, can increase the heat transfer area, reduce the number of pipe arrangement, thereby increasing the smoke flow section, so that the smoke down, Wear. Since the wear rate of the pipe is proportional to the 3.33 th power of the flue gas flow rate, the wear rate will be reduced to 43% if the flue gas velocity is reduced from 9 m / s to 7 m / s. At the same time experiments show that the finned tube itself has the role of flying ash to the middle of the tube row, so the use of finned tube economizer in the structure to reduce the role of wear and tear 2) H-finned tube can be made into double- Double H "finned tube, the structure of the rigid, and can be applied to the longer row of the occasion. 3) The H-type finned tube economizer is arranged in a row, and the H-fin fins the space into several small areas, and the flow is equalized to make the wear greatly reduced. 4) The H-shaped fins form a straight channel on both sides, Can get the best soot effect. 5) compact space, the overall weight greatly reduced, reducing the cost
6) energy saving, low power consumption: for the generator unit of the economizer, at least two-thirds of the generator can reduce the heat loss of steam, steam per ton of electricity only 2 ~ 4kW
7) simple operation and maintenance; save labor: the overall assembly of the economizer factory, less moving parts, simple structure, easy to install. High level of automation, operation and maintenance is simple, can reduce the operating staff.
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