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Steam spiral fins, stainless steel fins, steel fins, finned tube manufacturers

Steam spiral fins, stainless steel fins, steel fins, finned tube manufacturers

The company is committed to greenhouse cultivation, animal husbandry environmental control research, development, production-oriented private enterprises. Enterprises have always been to develop high-tech, independent innovation, service of Chinese agriculture as its mission. Main products: chicken heating heating equipment, pig heating equipment, heating heating equipment, heating greenhouse heating equipment, heating plant heating equipment, drying equipment, pigs with 304 stainless steel dry and wet trough ( Trough), heating equipment, including heat, cooling equipment, drying equipment is also a heat source, a cooling equipment, hot air stove and other automatic fuel (gas) hot air stove, CNC coal-fired boilers, heaters, finned tubes, etc. product. Professional quality of the process, the leading scientific research and technology is a long commitment to Lei Wei. We will be sincere and sincere service every new and old customers, let us together into the new era of environmental protection, energy saving.
Finned tube (radiator), farm (heat sink), spiral finned tube, wound finned tube (radiator), round Airfoil radiator, etc., pig house, chicken coop, greenhouse can use
Technical parameters and introduction of finned tube
I plant production of finned tube is mainly suitable for large area greenhouse, plant, animal husbandry heating heating, the surface after hot dip zinc treatment, eliminating the thermal resistance to increase the anti-corrosion ability, smooth surface to reduce the water flow resistance, 12 years.
Spiral finned tube for greenhouse
Finned tube classification
There are many types of finned tubes, and new varieties are still emerging. In general can be classified according to the following aspects:
1, according to the processing technology classification
1), extruded finned tubes;
2), welding forming finned tube (high frequency welding finned tube, submerged arc welding finned tube);
3), roll forming finned tube;
4), set forming finned tube;
5), cast finned tube;
6), tension winding finned tube;
7), the inserts are classified according to the fin shape
1), Square finned tube;
2), circular finned tube;
3), spiral finned tube;
4), longitudinal longitudinal tube (Longitudinal Finned Tube)
5), corrugated finned tube;
6), helical serrated finned tubes (Helical Serrated Finned Tubes);
7), needle-like finned tube;
8), the overall plate finned tube (plate fin);
9), an inner finned tube. and many more.
3, according to the fin tube fin material is the same with the base pipe material can be divided into:
1), single metal finned tube
2), bimetallic composite finned tube
Single metal finned tube by material classification
1), copper finned tube;
2), aluminum finned tube;
3), carbon steel finned tube;
4), stainless steel finned tube;
5), cast iron (cast steel) finned tube;
Classified by purpose
1), air conditioning with finned tube;
2), air cooling with finned tube;
3), boiler: water wall, economizer, air preheater were used finned tube;
4), industrial waste heat recovery with finned tube;
5), other special purpose finned tubes;

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