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Lord Fin Tube--Finned tube turbolator

Finned tube turbolator

Petrochemical plants commonly used air preheater furnace flue gas waste heat recovery, preheat combustion air, in order to improve the thermal efficiency. Steel - High water heat pipe air preheater heat transfer efficiency, low cost, it has been widely used, but because of its saturated vapor pressure large, generally allowable working medium temperature below 300 ℃ (pressure 8.76MPa), the flue gas temperature can not be higher than 360 ℃, and in order to ensure that the steel - water heat pipe life, flue gas temperature is preferably not more than 300 ℃. Now some refinery furnace exhaust gas temperatures up to 360 ℃ ~ 420 ℃, you can not use steel - water heat pipe air preheater [1], although you can use organic working fluids instead of water, but organic working fluid toxic pollution of the environment, and at a high temperature decomposition. Therefore, we encountered such a situation is generally used sub-air preheater or spoiler spoiler promoter and heat pipe air preheater way matching flue gas heat recovery, that Turbolator preheater is currently using relatively more than an air preheater, which is to be improved on the basis of new air preheater ordinary tube on the air preheater, mainly in the addition of tubes spoiler, increase flow disturbances within the pipe, raise the tube heat transfer coefficient, thus improving the overall heat transfer coefficient.
The tube and finned tube turbolator in air  pre-heater economic analysis 
Cite examples of increasing turbulator in tube and fin on tube on influence of the  pre-heater heat transfer coefficient,and the total weight and cost of manufacture is different in the same design condition of the tube turbulator pre-heater or finned tube turbulator pre-heater, points out that the economics of  the tube turbulator pre-heater is higher than finned tube turbulator pre-heater.   key words: turbulator; tube;finned tube; pre-heater;waste heat recov; economic

Finned tube turbolator

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