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Lord Fin Tube-Heat transfer spiral finned tube

Currently, the spiral fin-and-tube heat exchanger is a favored type of heat exchanger for the waste heat recovery unit (WHRU), a kind of economizer

The spiral fin tube is a high efficient heat transfer component. The heat transfer area for spiral finned tubes are several times higher than bare tubes, can strengthen heat transfer, reduce flow resistance, reduce the metal consumption, so as to improve the heat equipment economic and operational reliability.

A significant fraction of the papers herein reviewed pertains to the effect of fin configurations, tube arrangements, operating conditions, and other factors on the air-side performance of the spiral fin-and-tube heat exchangers.the air-side performance correlations of spiral fin and circular fin-and-tube heat exchangers are compiled into this work for practical industrial applications.

High frequency welded spiral fin tube is a new type of high efficient heat transfer component. Around the late heat pipe has reached 0.8-1mm itself is made of it is aimed at the string type and winding type fin radiator has the disadvantages and improved by high-frequency welded spiral fin tube of a high-efficiency heat radiating element, finned tube, the thickness of the strip is wound on the finned tube, at the same time, the use of high frequency welding process, the pieces are welded in the pipe, to ensure that the tube and fin of the bonding strength of the metal thermal intensity from 1.10 to 1.20w/kg with heat transfer efficiency is high, the radiating area is large, the use of long life, to adapt to the temperature range is wide, the pressure high, the finned tube can be used for air preheater and factory housing, residential energy-saving radiator production, and is preferred. Fin tubes are widely used in waste heat recovery, petroleum chemical industry, power station boilers, economizer, ships, buses, industrial and civil building heating, refrigeration, medicine, timber, grain drying areas.

Spiral finned tube

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