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Lord Fin Tube-Integral spiral finned tube

Spiral finned tube is widely used in power plant boilers, waste heat recovery, building heating, passenger cars, wood and refrigeration and other industries because of its high welding performance and thermal performance in China.

Spiral finned tube in the heat transfer efficiency is very high, and the heat dissipation area is very large, so it can be applied to a wide range, the most important thing is that it can withstand higher pressure, so the service life of spiral finned tube is longer, spiral finned tube takes high-frequency power source as the main heat source.

What are the advantages of the integral spiral finned tube?

1. The overall heat transfer efficiency of spiral finned tube is very good. If it is compared with other finned tube products, its heat transfer efficiency should be higher. Compared with bare tube, its heat transfer efficiency is about four times higher;

2. For the integral spiral finned tube, the whole fin is rolled with the base tube as a whole, but other ordinary finned tubes are directly welded on the surface of the base tube, so the thermal resistance phenomenon is easy and often appears on the welding joint surface, which leads to the serious influence on the heat transfer effect;

3. Because the overall spiral finned tube is better than the ordinary finned tube in the ability of anti ash deposition, because it has high-quality performance characteristics, the use effect has been significantly improved;

4. Because the integral spiral finned tube is made of multi roll rolling, its surface smoothness is relatively high, and the overall organization density is also very high, the height between the finned tube and the base tube is relatively natural, so its anti-corrosion performance has been significantly improved.