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KL Fin Tubes also called knurled finned tubes. This finned tube is basically identical to the Wrap-On fin and produced with a combination of Wrap-On and Embedded. The fins are manufactured from strip which is preformed into an accurately controlled L shape similar to the L type, rolled into a taper which causes it to curl. It is then continuously helically wound under tension onto the tube. The fin hugs the tube. The base tube is knurled by a rotating tool, then the foot of the fin is knurled into the knurling of the base tube providing a tight bond with increased thermal performance. Providing the correct fin strip is used the foot of one fin butts up against the next fin and there is no gap between the fins. This gives some corrosion protection to the tube. The fins are secured at each end to prevent unwinding in a similar way as L fins.


KL -Foot tension wound finned tubes are commonly used in applications with metal Maximum Operating Temperature- up to 320°C (608°F)


Advantages of the KL Fin Tubing


Tube protected against corrosion

Resistant to vibrations

May be used at temperature up to 320°C (608°F)

Unique combination of high thermal performance and stresses resistance with atmospheric corrosion protection

KL can favorably replace any type of finned tubes


Manufactured method is exactly as the L finned tube except that the base tubes are knurled before application of these fin foot. After application, the fin foot is knurled into the corresponding knurling on the base tube thereby enhancing the bond between the fin and tube, resulting in improved heat transfer characteristics.

Max. Working Temperature:  260 °C

Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: OK

Mechanical Resistance: Poor

Fin Material: Copper, Aluminum


Base Tube materials: Any material available, such as Carbon steel Tube, A179, A192, A210, stainless tube A269/A213 T5 T11 T22 304 316


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