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Lord Fin Tube--Seamless Boiler Tube

Seamless Boiler Tube

Seamless Boiler tube is kind of hollow section open at both ends, according to the production methods can be divided as seamless and welded steel pipe, steel pipe specifications dimensions as the outer diameter, wall thickness and length. The size wide range can be from small diameter capillary tubing until a few meters large diameter pipe. Steel pipe can be used for pipes line, thermal equipment, machinery industry, petroleum geological exploration, vessel drum, chemical industry and special purpose.

Seamless Boiler Tube Classification

Seamless and welded steel pipe points (pipe joints) two categories. Press sectional shape can be divided into tube and shaped tubes, widely used is a circular steel pipe, but there are some square, rectangular, semi-circular, hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagonal shaped steel tubing. For exposed to the fluid pressure in the hydraulic pipe must withstand the test of capacity and quality, the leak does not occur at a predetermined pressure, wet or expansion of qualified, some steel but also according to standard or demand side, curling trials , flaring test, flattening test.
Manufacturing methods

① general boiler tube temperature below 350 ℃, homemade pipe is mainly used on the 10th, the 20th of hot-rolled carbon steel cold drawn pipe or tube manufacturing.
② high-pressure boiler tubes often in the use of high temperature and pressure conditions for the high temperature flue gas pipes and water vapor

Boiler Tube
With the following occurs oxidation and corrosion. Requirements durable steel with high strength, high oxidation resistance, and good organizational stability.

① general boiler tube is mainly used to make water wall tube, boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipes, superheated steam locomotive boiler tubes, and large, small pipe and brick arch tubes.
② high-pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture high and ultra-high pressure boiler superheater tubes, reheater tube, airway, the main steam pipe. High-pressure boiler tube industry overall stable supply and demand trends, however, supply and demand conditions of each specific sub-sectors will be further differentiation. Insiders pointed out that the most critical aspect is the new energy-saving insulation 20g high-pressure boiler tube and the promotion of the use of equipment.

New energy-saving high-pressure boiler tubes 20g products in the market is gradually increasing, for example, green paint, energy-saving bathroom products, green stone, green outer cement foam insulation board, energy saving products in the 20g high-pressure boiler tube industry broad market the outlook is promising