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Lord Fin Tube--Single Metal Extrusion (Rolled) finned tube

Single metal finned tubeExtrusion (Rolled) Finned Tube;Single metal finned tube

Single metal fin tube, that is, heat pipe air preheater used in industrial boiler, can be arranged on both sides of the hot and cold sides of the fin, thermal performance is excellent, compact structure, the most can reflect the advantages of the fin tube. Gas - permeable finned tube heat pipe economizers in industrial boiler applications. Its main advantage is low temperature corrosion resistant performance is good, because its thermal resistance in the water side than the cast iron or smoke tube economizer large, and its thermal resistance in the air side than after two small, so under the same conditions, the wall temperature is higher, not easy to corrosion and ash clogging.

There are two kinds of single metal finned tubes and single metal finned tubes used in single metal finned tube heat exchangers. Outside the single metal fin tube is generally used in the process of mechanical processing in the outer surface of the light tube to form a certain height, a certain distance, a certain thickness of the fin. Single metal fin tube type has spiral single metal finned tube, suit single metal finned tube, rolling type single metal finned tube, plate fin type single metal fin tube. 

Finned tube finned smooth burr, no wrinkles, beautiful and bright, easy to clean, as the air heater and cooler when the element is easy to exclude surface condensation of water in the heating and drying dust other occasions difficult knot, knot dirt, finned tube and fin cross-sectional trapezoidal, thus high strength fin and extends the cooling surface, so that the material is the greatest degree of utilization.
Single metal finned tube is made from whole rolling aluminum muffle, non-contact resistance, thermal shock and mechanical vibration, thermal expansion properties, and the heat transfer surface with considerable expansion, with this control into the fin various types of heat exchangers, heaters, better than string-piece, chip wound and cast iron radiators.
When the overall aluminum rolled fin tube wet cooling in heating and air conditioning engineering in the outer surface of the fin easy to exclude condensate in the drying heating and other heat exchange situation is not easy knot dirt, fouling.
The factory production of aluminum rolled fin tube and copper-aluminum composite finned tube. Surfaces are anodized, nice color, and can effectively prevent surface corrosion.
Single metal (aluminum) finned tube specifications Performance

Single metal finned tube

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