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Lord Fin Tube-Stainless steel condenser Introduction

Stainless steel condenser Introduction

Stainless steel condenser part of the heat transfer device, transfer heat fluid to cold fluid, also known as heat exchangers. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, power and nuclear industries. Its main function is to ensure that the specific process temperature required for the media, but also one of the major equipment to improve energy efficiency.

Stainless steel condenser can be either a stand-alone device, such as a heater, cooler and condenser, etc; also be part of a process equipment, such as ammonia synthesis tower heat exchangers. Due to limitations of the manufacturing process and scientific level, the early heat exchanger (condenser) only a simple structure, and a small heat transfer area, bulky and heavy, like a snake-tube heat exchanger. With the development of the manufacturing process, and gradually form a shell and tube heat exchanger, which not only has a larger unit volume heat transfer area, and the heat transfer effects are good, it has long been a typical change in industrial production heat.

Stainless steel condenser heat transfer in different ways can be divided into a hybrid, regenerative and recuperative categories. The device is typically made of metal materials, including carbon steel and low alloy steel mostly used in the manufacture of low-pressure heat exchanger; stainless steel mainly used in addition to the different corrosion conditions, austenitic stainless steel can be used as high and , low temperature materials; nickel alloy is used in high temperature conditions.