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Why Use a Tube Bundle?

Why Use a Tube Bundle?


Many people are not aware of what it is but the tube bundle is basically a group of tubes which are tied with each other by rods amidst the shell & tube heat exchangers. These bundles can in handy during the heat exchange process on a large scale. This has many high end benefits in both the short and the long run. However, individuals should be aware of what it does and does not offer in the long run. Generally, this bundle is found in this particular heat exchanger due to the fact that it contains a wide range of tubes in the first place.


High End Cleaning

Since the tube bundle consists of a wide range of many tubes that are tied with each other through rods, it is fairly easy to clean. These can be cleaned through many different ways, and one of the most effective ones includes chemical cleaning. As tubes are narrow and long, the cleanliness process does not only take a short period of time, but it is also rather easy to manage in comparison of the cleanliness of other heavy and complex equipment. These tubes can be easily cleaned off without having to make them clogged in the process; which is precisely why using shell & tube heat exchangers has been highly recommended to everyone.



Accuracy & Productivity

The tube bundle within shell & tube heat exchangers also tends to increase the overall productivity in the process of heat transfer. This is due to the fact that these tubes are special and has been constructed in such a way which not only does increase heat efficiency, but it also increases productivity in the long run. Due to these reasons, the bundle has become a requirement for shell & tube heat exchangers and will always be due to the benefits it has to offer in terms of the transfer of heat for various industrial applications and everything as such.

Heat Efficient

On the other hand, the matter of heat efficiency stands undisputed as one of the most major reasons for actually using heat exchangers. With the help of a tube bundle, the efficiency of heat tends to increase by a long shot, which makes the overall process much more productive and fully fulfills the requirements in the overall procedure of heat transfer. In shell & tube heat exchangers, this bundle has been specifically manufactured for this very purpose, and it most definitely fulfills that in both the short as well as the long run.

Easy Installation

It is much, much simpler to install tube bundles than it is to install other types of wires and tubes. Most of the installation has to be done underground since the tubes have to be buried in certain cases. Of course, in the case of the shell and heat exchanger, the installation has to be done inside a machine – a much more congested area. The simplicity of tube bundles is that they are not twisted but are made in a straight parallel design which makes their placement much easier. One does not have to find small places in nooks and crannies to install the appliance. One large space will be sufficient.

Tubing materials

Most tubing companies order a number of different materials for creating tube bundles. Manufacturers realize that different consumers of tube bindles require different types of materials for their tubes. Thus, they offer a number of different ones to choose from. For example, one can choose to buy a tube bundle made up of silica lined steel or stainless steel. In the case of high heat transfer, one can even use copper to get it constructed. Other materials include zinc and aluminum.


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