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Lord Fin Tube--Heat Exchanger Classification
Heat Exchanger Classification

For different media, different conditions, different temperatures, different pressure heat exchanger, structure type is different, the heat exchanger with the following classification:
First, classification by heat principle
1, the surface type heat exchanger
The surface type heat exchanger, which is different temperature from the flow of two fluids being separated from the wall space, and through the wall of the thermally conductive fluid convective heat transfer between the wall surface. Surface heat exchanger include shell and tube, tube type and other types of heat exchangers.
2, Regenerative heat exchanger
After the regenerative heat exchanger through the regenerator solids formed, the heat transfer from the hot fluid to cold fluid heat medium to reach a certain temperature by heating the solid material is heated by the cold medium and then the solid material, so as to achieve the heat purpose delivery. Regenerative heat exchanger has a rotary valve switched so on.
3, indirect fluid connection heat exchanger
An indirect heat exchanger in fluid connection, the two surfaces of the heat exchanger by the circulating heat carrier in which the heat exchangers are connected, the heat carrier in the heat exchanger between the high temperature fluid and low temperature fluid circulating in the high temperature fluid receiving heat exchanger at low temperature fluid to the heat release cryogenic fluid.
4, the direct connect heat exchanger
Direct connect heat exchanger is two fluids connect direct in heat exchange equipment, such as cooling towers, gas condenser.
5, double heat exchanger
Both gas and water heat transfer or water to water of indirect heat transfer and heat transfer equipment directly mixed two heat mode. Compared with gas and water indirect heat exchange with a higher heat transfer efficiency; compared with gas and water mixed directly with high heat stability and low noise unit.
Second, use classification
1, heater
A fluid heater is heated to a temperature necessary, but the heating fluid phase change does not occur.
2, preheater
Preheater pre-heated fluid, which provides a standard process parameters for the process operations.
Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger
3, superheater
Superheater for the fluid (gas or steam process) was heated to a superheated state.
4, evaporator
Evaporator for a heating fluid, a temperature above the boiling point, so that fluid evaporates, the general phase change.
Third, according to the structure classification
It can be divided into: floating head heat exchangers, fixed tube plate heat exchanger, U-shaped tube plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger.


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