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Lord Fin Tube--Fin Chip inserted Finned Tube
Fin Chip inserted Finned Tube

The fin chip inserted finned tubes made by a batch of punched single fin, and then used the manual or mechanical method, according to a certain pitch (fin pitch), by a surplus will be set on the outer surface of the base tube. It is the earliest method of processing the fin tube. Due to the simplicity of this kind of fin tubes, the technical requirements are not high, the low cost of the equipment, and easy maintenance, so, there are still many factories in the use of it. This process is a kind of labor intensive process plan, suitable for general small factory or township enterprises capital and technical conditions.

The fin chip inserted finned tubes is the use of tools, relying on the strength of manual inserte fin by fin. This method because of the pressure of the fin is limited, so the amount of interference is small, easy to produce the phenomenon of loose fin.

The mechanical set of fins is carried out on the fin set. Because the fin press is on the mechanical impact or liquid pressure, the pressure is large, so, can be used in a large amount of interference. The bond strength between fin and tube is high, and is not easy to loose. Machine driven by a high productivity, but the noise is big, the safety is poor, the workers working condition is poor. Although the hydraulic transmission of the above problems, but the higher the cost of equipment, the use of maintenance personnel of the higher technical requirements, its productivity is low.


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