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Lord Fin Tube--Classification of finned tubes

Classification of finned tubes

There are many types of finned tubes, and new varieties are emerging. In general can be classified by the following several aspects:

1, According to the processing technology classification

1), fin tube (extruded);

2), welding forming finned tube (high frequency welding finned tube, submerged arc welding fin tube);

3), rolling forming finned tube;

4), a set of shaped fin tube;

5), casting finned tube;

6), tension winding finned tube;

7), insert tube.

2,By fin shape classification

1), finned tube (Square);

2), circular finned tube;

3), finned tube (spiral);

4), Finned Tube (Longitudinal).

5), corrugated fin tube;

6), Serrated Finned Tubes Helical;

7), needle shaped fin tube;

8), the overall plate fin tube (Ban Chi);

9), finned tube (inner). Wait

3, According to the fin and tube fin material is the same as the base material can be divided into:

1), single metal finned tube

2), double metal composite fin tube

4,Classification of single metal fin tubes by material

1), fin tube;

2), aluminum finned tube;

3), carbon steel finned tube;

4), stainless steel finned tube;

5), cast iron (Cast steel) finned tubes, etc..

5,Classification by application

1), air conditioning with finned tube;

2), air cooling fin tube;

3), boiler: water cooling wall, coal, air preheater, respectively, the use of fin tube;

4), the industrial waste heat recovery with finned tube;

5), other special purpose finned tubes, etc..


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