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Lord Fin Tube--Boiler economizer bring you a different feeling
Boiler economizer bring you a different feeling

Boiler economizer give you a different feeling,here we briefly explain the role of the boiler economizer.

1, the inlet water temperature has increased,the drum wall temperature difference is reduced, and the corresponding reduced thermal stress, prolong the service life of the drum. To replace part of the higher cost of the evaporator heating surface.

2, Absorb heat from low-temperature flue gases, reduce exhaust gas temperature, reduce exhaust losses and save fuel.

3, The inlet water heated in the economizer before into the drum, thus reducing the water heat in the heating surface, you can use economizer
4, economizer recirculation effect:
In the boiler (drum boiler) startup process, because of its soda circulation pipeline has not been established that the boiler feedwater at a standstill, when the water is not flowing economizer within the state, along with the strengthening of the boiler combustion, smoke improve air temperature, water economizer within prone vaporization, so that local economizer is in over-temperature condition. In order to avoid this situation, the focus under the water followed by a duct to the drum of the economizer inlet As recirculation piping, the water is flowing economizer state avoid vaporization.

Boiler economizer is a good assisstance, worthy of your choice!


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