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Lord Fin Tube--Does Finned tube have more fins the better
Does Finned tube have more fins the better?

A lot of people have this idea that the finned tube has more fins the better.
But Does it really so? 
Professionals answer, of course not, Neither finned tube has more fins as possible, the better, nor the fin higher the better. Well, this is why? Professionals share with us as below.

First, the professionals believe, During the production enlarge the fin tube height, then will greatly reduce finned tubes heating efficiency. it is because if the fin doubling height, however it can not be increased in multiples of the actual heat exchanger, in which case, it will make the finned tube fin economy declined.

Secondly, in here, if finned tube fin density is too high, then it is easy to fouling, so, in cleaning up the dust when it is not so easy.

Furthermore, the fins too high, too close, then when processing, processing technology more difficult, in this case, in which the whole process cost is relatively high.

Finned tube fin is not possible, nor is it as high as possible, specific or according to the actual operation. 

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