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Lord Fin Tube--screw thread tube heat exchanger

Screw thread tube heat exchanger

So far, the screw thread tube heat exchanger has been widely used in thermal power, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, light industry, metallurgy, the citys central heating system, etc., played an increasingly large role. Over time, and constantly improve the technology of the bellows, screw thread tube heat exchanger also replaces shell and tube heat exchangers and heat transfer equipment as the main areas.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger used in the thermoelectric sector.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger applications in the field of thermoelectric power plant is mainly composed of Qi - water heater to reflect. The use of steam power plant by a screw threaded tube heat exchanger, the circulation of water heated to a certain temperature. For example, heated to about 150 ℃ that of a high temperature heater, heated to 110 ℃ or so that the basic heater. Then circulating water supply millions of households, residents of the winter heating solve the problem. This cogeneration mode, can not only save energy, but also improve the urban living environment, good social.
In recent years, the rapid development of Chinas urban construction, with the improvement of peoples living standards, peoples living standards are improving, is bound to increase the living area. A substantial increase in living space heater to make the plant the original heating capacity seem dwarfs, which need to increase the heat transfer area, but space Power plant is constant, so the use of screw thread tube heat exchanger to replace the original Some of shell and tube heat exchanger, completely solve the above problem
Screw thread tube heat exchangers used in oil fields.
Oil industry is the pillar industry of Chinas national economy, and its development is bound to have a strong role in promoting the national economy, and therefore the full implementation of energy-saving technology is an imperative task in the field of oil industry
In general, crude oil pumped from the ground has great viscosity, it is necessary to transport crude oil from the spring and very far away, it takes a lot of impetus, but if the lower the viscosity of crude oil, the transportation of crude oil, it is easy much more. One way is to increase the temperature of the crude oil. Previously, an oilfield with a gas furnace is used to give the crude oil is heated, not only consume a large amount of natural gas, but the actual efficiency is very low, resulting in substantial waste of energy. Since the well platform using screw thread tube heat exchanger, not only saves energy, but also achieved good results. Its method is to install a small screw thread tube heat exchanger on each well. By crude oil in the tube between the tube to pass into the hot water from the boiler room, so crude oil increased from about 20 ℃ is heated to about 50 ℃, a significant decline in oil viscosity. And a boiler room can bring a lot of screw thread tube heat exchanger, the hot water circulation between the boiler and the movement screw thread tube heat exchanger.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger used in the chemical field.
Chemical industry is one of the most widely used heat exchanger field, large chemical plants have thousands of heat exchanger, however, these are shell and tube heat exchangers heat exchanger. Chemical process characteristics is heating and cooling, reheating and then cooled, an oil refinery in Xinjiang spiral thread tube heat exchanger allows organic vapor condenses into a liquid, as well as chemical plants spiral thread tube heat exchanger as reboiler, mixing organic matter is heated to 90 ℃, making it a mixture of steam, and then enter the cooling tower, again and again, ad infinitum. Some plants also use the screw thread tube heat exchanger medium is heated to a certain temperature, and then enters the reaction tower chemical reaction. <Br screw thread tube heat exchangers have been used in the chemical industry in spite of, but a small amount of an experimental observation stage. And it used the occasion is not very important occasion. Screw thread tube heat exchanger in order to completely replace the shell and tube heat exchangers need to take time, there are subjective and objective factors. The objective is to screw thread tube heat exchanger of this new product and some need to be perfected, there is much work to be done, thus restricting the wide range of the product in the chemical industry promotion and application.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger used in LPG respect residents.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger is applied to LPG heating system began in 1992. A gas company adopted the Shenyang Institute of instrumentation technology, the two outer diameter & amp; Oslash; 325mm, heat transfer area of ​​5m & amp; sup2; small screw thread tube heat exchanger, to accelerate urban residents liquefied petroleum gas of. Heating source for the hot water 70 ℃, working pressure 0.3MPa, hot water running in the tube, liquefied petroleum gas in the shell operation. LPG is provided at the outlet of a block plus liquid board, the level of liquid LPG at 1/2 of the housing, and the remaining principal of the evaporator heat transfer area of ​​liquefied gas carried in the liquid evaporate further, if LPG Also liquid is carried, then recovered from blocking liquid plate at the exit, and along the shell wall flow back to the bottom of the housing, so that LPG can fully gasified. Since the use of bellows tubes, and achieved satisfactory results.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger applications in light industrial areas.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger also has broad application prospects in the field of light industry. A brewery use screw thread tube heat exchanger to cool the beer sauce. The cooling medium is liquid ammonia, at a temperature of -5 ℃ --- 6 ℃, liquid ammonia in the shell. Beer juice is cooled medium, an inlet temperature of 13 ℃, outlet temperature is 1 ℃ --2 ℃. Beer, juice in the tube, its work flow shown in Figure 6-34. Beer, juice enters the releasing heat within the heat exchanger, the temperature dropped to 1 ℃ --2 ℃ after entering the storage tanks storage stand. Meanwhile, the ammonia evaporation absorbs heat beer juice, evaporated ammonia then compressed by the compressor form ammonia -5 ℃ --- 6 ℃, and then enters the heat exchanger, to complete a cycle.
Screw thread tube heat exchanger applications in urban central heating area.
In recent years, according to energy saving and environmental protection, many cities have built a number of residential areas, and accordingly the proposed guidelines and principles heating district heating, which greatly promoted the construction of urban central heating rationalization and modernization. Central heating has become a hot cities construction.
Central heating system, a heat exchanger is used for heat exchange equipment were major, previously used shell and tube heat exchangers as well as a small amount of plate heat exchanger. However, as a central heating with heat exchanger has its own unique requirements, such as: the requirements of the heat transfer coefficient is high, cold and hot fluid temperature difference is low, no leakage, easy to plug, easy to scale, so as to meet the special central heating Claim. Shell and tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger can not simultaneously possess these characteristics, and corrugated tube heat exchanger applications has solved this problem. 1990 Winter in Shenyang two heating cells used screw thread tube heat exchanger prove screw thread tube heat exchanger has a heat transfer coefficient, no leakage, no blockage, difficult to scale, good corrosion resistance, suitable for low temperature poor conditions, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc., the effect is obvious.

Screw thread tube heat exchanger applications is extensive, it can not only be used as a preheater and economizer, buildings, church, museum prepared with hot water may be employed helical thread tube heat exchanger to complete, the The difference is that in some cases different forms of structure, different materials only. 



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