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Lord Fin Tube--Finned tube radiator knowledge
Finned tube radiator (the radiator, also known as heat pipes, air heaters, air heat exchanger): based refrigerant cooling air, or in the heat medium heated air, or in cold air heat recovery, and other heat transfer equipment The main equipment. Pass into the hot water, steam or heat conducting oil can be heated air, which leads to saline or cold water to cool air.
Radiator can be widely used in light industry, construction, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronics, food, starch, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, coating and other industries in the hot air heating, air conditioning, cooling, condensation, dehumidification and drying.
Radiators: radiator is one of applications, including heaters, radiators.
Finned tube radiator structure: heat pipes, and out of the manifold, framework.
Among them, the heat from the exhaust tube bundle composed of heat, the heat pipe from the group consisting of tubes and fins. Heat pipe heat transfer quality decisions, the heat pipe arrangement air resistance, heat pipe installation decided withstand temperature difference (thermal expansion) capability.
Common radiator pipe Installation: Fixed frame (SRZ type, SRL-type, S-type), frame supports formula (GL, U-shaped).
Wherein the frame fixed, heat pipe welded directly to the frame boxes, simple structure, generally used in the following 180 ℃ heating media or coolant; frame supporting type, heat pipe passes through the perforated plate frame, and the communication pipe (or elbow) Welding , generally used for more than 180 ℃ heat medium.
Common types of heat pipe: steel cooling pipes (pipe around the steel fins, hot galvanized), steel and aluminum composite heat pipe (pipe rolled aluminum fins), copper heat pipe (copper pipe around the copper fins lining of tin processing ), copper and aluminum composite heat pipe (brass rolled aluminum fins), stainless steel cooling pipes (stainless steel finned tube around, high-frequency welding).
Among them, the steel heat pipes, hot dip galvanized is the key, you can fill the gap, a solid fin, heat transfer efficiency, high anti-corrosion; copper heat pipes, lining of tin is the key.
Radiator main technical parameters: cooling area, ventilation net cross-sectional area, the heat transfer coefficient.
Among them, the amount of heat radiating area of ​​influence, but also the radiator main cost parameters; ventilation net cross-sectional area of ​​influence ventilation resistance; heat transfer coefficient on the heat transfer effect.
Drying Radiator Selection of parameters: heat medium (steam, hot water), hot air and materials.
Of which: steam (pressure, temperature), hot water (water temperature, water temperature, flow), hot air (flow rate, inlet air temperature, humidity (water content), the air temperature, air resistance), material (heat consumption, evaporation Water)
Heat radiator Selection of parameters: heat medium (steam, hot water), space, geography, insulation.

Of which: steam (pressure, temperature), hot water (water temperature, water temperature, flow), space (length, width, height). 


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