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Lord Fin Tube--Internal finned tube heat exchanger

Internal finned tube heat exchanger

Internal finned tube heat exchanger

Tube type heat exchanger is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, wide material, strong adaptability and so on, is the main heat exchanger in industrial production. At present, the widely used metal tube heat exchanger to heat transfer through the wall of the room it is a heat transfer, heat transfer area and capacity constraints, the overall heat transfer coefficient is not high,
Tube gas gas heat exchanger is only 15 ~ ZOW/m is about 20 C, tube type heat exchanger plug is 30 ~ 3 w/m 2OC. The pipe type heat exchanger has the integrated heat transfer coefficient is low, large equipment shortage, so all kinds of plug-in heat exchanger, finned tube heat exchanger model the heat exchanger came into being. At present, the development of new high efficiency heat exchanger has become the development trend of heat exchanger
Potential. The inner fin tube heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger, which is developed by us. It belongs to a new type of high efficient heat exchanger. It has been applied in industry and has achieved good results.
2.1 internal finned tube heat exchanger
The main characteristics of the new type of internal finned tube heat exchangers are:
By extending the surface of the heat exchanger, enhancing heat transfer in tube to improve the performance of heat exchanger. The longitudinal straight rib finned tube, fin tube can reach 4 to 6, compared with the smooth tube, the tube to heat coefficient can be improved about 3 ~ 4 times. Fin the use of fin tube
Welding process welding, the welding rate is I00, the inner fin tube heat exchanger and the general tube type heat exchanger are not big difference, and the difference between them is different.
Compared with the general tube type heat exchanger, the inner fin tube heat exchanger has the following advantages:
(1) coefficient of heat pipe for gas exchange. Compared with the general heat pipe heat exchanger, tube resistance is often controlled resistance, therefore, improve the tube heat transfer coefficient is very important. The fin tube, tube fin ratio can reach 4 ~ 6, tube heat transfer coefficient can be increased by 3 to 4 times, which greatly enhance the heat transfer in the tube.
(2) the heat transfer capability is strong. The heat transfer coefficient of the tube heat exchanger is approximately A. - a2/<a. a ten Z A). The a value of the heat transfer coefficient K is increased by K (a).
(3) a Tb (tz/al A2 ten t) (2/al+1 a), which is obviously improved with the increase of the heat transfer coefficient Tb, is very important, and can be extended for the use of heat exchangers (t-, TT).
(4) the structure of the heat exchanger is compact, because the heat transfer coefficient K value of the heat exchanger is improved, the heat exchange area is greatly reduced, and the volume of heat exchanger is also reduced.
2.2 internal finned tube heat exchangers
We stand in the waste heat utilization project of Shougang, steam superheater pioneered the use of the heat exchanger fin tube.
Practice shows that the internal finned tube type steam superheater has high heat transfer coefficient, fully demonstrated the superiority of enhanced heat transfer performance. A good effect is obtained in the production.
Application prospect of 2.3 internal finned tube heat exchangers
Since the inner fin tube is a new type heat exchanger which has been developed in June 2000, it can be predicted that the heat exchanger will be used for heating, power, petroleum, chemical and other industries. In the industrial furnace, the use of heat exchanger can improve the combustion temperature, improve the thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the air preheater is widely used.
The air temperature is high, the structure is high, especially in high temperature conditions, such as, when the flue gas temperature is 320 C, the air temperature is 420 C., tube wall temperature is 570 C, and the tube heat exchanger can be 500 C, and the inner fin tube can be made of carbon steel, tube wall temperature, tube wall temperature, tube wall. Different working conditions are needed to improve the performance of heat exchanger.
3 Concluding remarks

The inner fin tube is a kind of paid high heat exchanger, which belongs to the domestic first. It has a wide application prospect in the industry of metallurgy, electric power, petroleum and chemical industry. 



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