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Lord Fin Tube--Cast iron radiator share but still can not be replaced

Cast iron radiator

Cast iron radiator share but still can not be replaced
With the new material steel, copper, aluminum and other new materials continues to use in  in the heat radiator industry , making the cast iron radiator in the market share gradually declined, but the cast iron radiator has irreplaceable advantages.
It is understood that the corrosion resistance of cast iron radiator has the most advantages, this is the other material of the heat radiator can not be compared. In theory, due to the existence of a large number of cast iron, its resistivity is larger, generally 80 micro ohm / cm, is 8 times the steel, copper 47 times, so the speed of electrochemical reaction is far lower than other technical materials. Tianjin to build twenty or thirty century small houses in the cast iron radiator until today has been in use, this is one of the most powerful evidence. The use of long life so that the use of iron can be done with the life of the building, the use of nearly a hundred years of practice proved to be true, for consumers, due to the long service life, and the cost is significantly lower than other metal materials, so it is one of the reasons for the cast iron radiator can long time stay in the market for a long time.


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