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Lord Fin Tube--Corten steel Tube

Corten steel, divided into two categories: Corten A, CortenB, is the United States of Cu-P series of steel on behalf of steel, is a low-alloy high-strength atmospheric corrosion-resistant structural steel, the domestic weathering steel is called (test Deng steel).


Corten steel is mainly used for: high sulfur content in the flue gas of the provincial gas, air pre heater,Heat exchangers, and evaporators for resisting the condensation corrosion of sulfur-containing flue gases. Has excellent resistance to sulfur ions, hydrochloric acid and other acid corrosion resistance. Spiral groove tube for the efficient, economical, mature heat transfer components, has been widely used in a variety of boiler air preheater products. Spiral groove tube using the lotus root-like inner wall and spiral groove diversion, forced disturbance tube refrigerant, thereby enhancing the heat transfer efficiency. Spiral groove tube heat transfer coefficient can generally reach 1.25 times the same diameter tube, the use of spiral groove tube can improve the efficiency of heat transfer equipment to reduce the amount of steel pipe, heat transfer equipment to reduce the use of space, with good economy and reliable.

Corten steel Tube,Corten A, CortenB

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