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Lord Fin Tube--Which is better between aluminum fin heat exchanger and the copper tube fin set?

Which is better between aluminum fin heat exchanger and the copper tube fin set?

Aluminum fin heat exchanger:
(1) the heat transfer efficiency is high, because the fins on the disturbance of fluid boundary layer continuous rupture, which has a larger heat transfer coefficient; at the same time as the partition, the fin is very thin, with high thermal conductivity, so the plate fin heat exchanger can achieve high efficiency.
(2) compact, because the two surface of the plate fin heat exchanger with expansion, making it the specific surface area of 1000 square meters /m3.
(3) lightweight, compact and mostly made of aluminum alloy, steel, copper, composite materials have been mass production.
(4) the adaptability of the plate fin heat exchanger is suitable for heat transfer between gas and gas, gas liquid, liquid and liquid, and the phase change heat transfer. Through the arrangement and combination of the flow channel, it can adapt to different heat transfer conditions, such as counter flow, cross flow, multi flow, multi pass flow and so on. Through the series connection, parallel connection and series parallel connection, it can meet the need of heat transfer of large equipment. The industry can be shaped, mass production to reduce costs, through the combination of building blocks to expand interchangeability.
(5) the manufacturing process is strict and the process is complex.
(6) it is easy to be blocked, not corrosion resistant, cleaning and maintenance is very difficult, it can only be used for the heat exchange medium is clean, no corrosion, not easy to scale, not easy to deposit, not easy to jam the occasion.
Copper tube fin:
The utility model relates to a finned tube radiator, which relates to a radiator. The utility model is mainly used for solving the problems of the existing copper tube aluminum fin radiator that the aluminum fin and the copper tube are not contacted closely, the gap is affected, and the heat dissipation is easy. The utility model comprises an aluminum fin and a copper tube. The utility model has the advantages that the copper tube is tightly contacted with the fins, the utility model has the advantages of no gap, small thermal resistance and good heat dissipation, and the aluminum fin is not easy to loose.
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