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Lord Fin Tube-Three-dimensional finned tube

The three-dimensional inner and outer rib finned tubes are the latest generation of high-efficiency heat-strengthening elements, which make up for the various shortcomings of the second-generation low-ribbed heat-strength tubes. By expanding the heat transfer area inside and outside the tubes, the fluid is promoted on the inner and outer surfaces of the tubes. The movement reduces the thickness of the fluid boundary layer and increases the singularity of fluid heat transfer, which greatly enhances the heat transfer performance and provides a perfect solution for heat transfer enhancement of the heat exchanger.

The three-dimensional tapered finned tube comprises a tube body and a plurality of fins disposed on the outer surface of the tube, wherein the plurality of fins are uniformly distributed in a thread shape on the outer surface of the tube, and the plurality of fins are along a circumference of the circle Evenly distributed, the fins have a thick root and a thin tapered top, and the upper and lower surfaces of the fin in the axial direction are flat and oblique upward. Compared with the prior art, the present invention has the advantages that the fins are not easily detached and the three-dimensional height is high.

Three-dimensional finned tube

Three-dimensional internal and external rib finned tubes can be used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, refrigeration, machinery, gas, engineering machinery, hydraulic and other industries. It is suitable for heat exchange between various media in different states such as gas liquid, liquid liquid, gas, water vapor and gas steam. Commonly used pipe materials for processing include copper and copper alloys, aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, and the like.

Three-dimensional internal and external rib fin performance characteristics

 * The convective heat transfer coefficient of a single fluid can reach 2.5 to 6 times that of a light pipe, the boiling heat transfer coefficient can be 2 to 5 times that of a light pipe, and the condensation heat transfer coefficient can reach 3 to 5 of a light pipe;

 * The rigid and flexible processing technology of three-dimensional inner and outer rib tube technology is suitable for all ductile metals;

 * Reduce the volume and weight of the heat exchanger, save 30-70%, reduce the volume by 30-70%;

 * Improve the heat exchange capacity of the heat exchanger, achieve high efficiency, energy saving, and increase the heat exchange power by 2-4 times;

 * The heat efficiency of the heat exchanger is increased by 30-50%, energy saving and environmental protection;

 * The heat exchanger can work under low temperature difference, make full use of low grade energy and reduce thermal pollution;

 * Improve the working conditions of heat exchangers and improve operational safety;

 * Eliminates contact thermal resistance and extends heat exchanger operating life.

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