Tube sheet inspection

In the process of tube sheet inspection, the processing accuracy of the tube sheet is the key to connecting the heat exchange tube and the tube sheet to assemble the tube bundle. The size deviation of the hole center distance of the tube sheet directly affects the construction quality of welded tubes and expanded tubes. Limiting the width deviation of the hole bridge on the back of the drilling hole is mainly to consider the influence of the thickness of the tube sheet on the drilling. The verticality and smoothness of the tube sheet hole can prevent the heat exchange tube from being damaged when the tube is installed and ensure the quality of the expansion. At present, domestic manufacturers use CNC drilling machines in the machinery manufacturing industry. According to the arrangement of the tube sheet holes, the diameter of the hole, and the hole center distance, 24 tube sheet holes or 36 tube sheet holes are drilled at a time, and the processing accuracy is relatively high. In the chemical machinery manufacturing industry, it is rare to see the use of CNC drilling machines, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the accuracy and quality of tube sheet holes.

In the process of tube sheet inspection, the main inspection indicators are hole position, hole diameter tolerance, hole finish, presence or absence of burrs, groove position, etc. For double tube sheets, more attention is paid to the hole position during the inspection process. The degree of hole fit is very important. The machining accuracy of the tube sheet is very important.