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Lord Fin Tube-Twisted Tube Technology

Twisted Tube Technology benefit: 1.Reduced number and size of new  exchangers 2. Improved thermal and / or hydraulics of existing exchangers

Main Features: True Counter-current Flow ("F" Shells); Higher Tube Density (40% Or More); Lower Pressure Drop; No Baffles;Cleanable; Eliminates Vibration; Reduces Fouling, Especially Shellside; "Maintenance Friendly"

Twisted Tube Technology offers:

Increased Heat Transfer

Smaller Exchanger Or Fewer Shells

Elimination Of Vibration

Reduced Fouling

When used as retrofit bundles or exchangers, Twisted Tube ® Technology also offers:

Increased Heat Transfer

Lower Installed Cost

Extended Run Time Between Cleanings



Cru Combined Feed

Hydrotreater Feed / Effluent

Rich / Lean Amine

Sour Water Feed / Effluent

Quench Water Coolers

Overhead Condensers

Kettle Reboilers


puts the power of their equipment into your hands through XIST FROM HTRI and in the next release of tasc+ from htfs. now you can rate any given exchanger with Twisted Tube ® Technology and find the right application for your needs. All of this is available through their koch heat transfer dll. 



You can take a file from htri and change the tube type to twisted tube ® heat exchangers and then use a preferred tube pitch to get an accurate performance output from xist 

Pulisher: Lord Fin Tube