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Elliptical Fin Tube|Elliptical Tube With Rectangular Fins| Hot dipped galvanized oval fin tubes
This fin tube design utilizes an elliptical shaped tube with an efficient air foil shape to minimize airside flow resistance. These fins have improved performance characteristics compared to round tube types.
The corrosion resistance of these fins will be very high after being hot dip galvanized. These fin tubes are very compact compared to other types of fin tubes and their heat transfer efficiency is significant.

In manufacturing of these fin tubes in our company, first the punched fins are filled automatically on elliptical tubes. Thereafter, the fins on both ends of the tubes are fixed, and fins are connected to the tubes by two different methods. The first one is by fixing the fins to the tubes by mechanical expansion of the elliptical tubes. In the second method, the tubes are dipped in melted zinc tanks. The gap between the fin and the core tube is filled completely by zinc.
Elliptical Finned Tube; Oval Finned TubeThe maximum working temperature in these fins is 400°C.

Advantages of This Fin Tubes:
It has a very long life compared to other fin tubes.
The steel fins are not sensitive to typical mechanical loads, for example hailstorm or walk on the bundles.

Hot dip galvanization provides corrosion protection.
No-flow regions are avoided by different first and second row fin pitch.
Simple cleaning using high pressure water.
Compact design with high extended surface area ratio.
Tube matrial Fin material
-Carbon steel -Carbon steel
-Copper -Copper
-Stainless steel

Oval Copper Tube with rectangular Copper Fins

Oval Copper Tubes are manufactured with a rectangular copper fin, which significantly increase the heat transfer surface area around the oval tube.

In order to forward you a promt offer we would be pleased to receive you detailed enquiry including:
• Base tube material 
• Base tube size (OD x WT x Length)
• Fin material
• Fin type
• Fin diameter or height
• Fin thickness
• Fins per inch, meter or fin pitch
• Lenght of plain, unfinned ends
• Finned Tube Quantity

(Additional fabrication, such as bend or weld the tubes into tubeplate or assembly) 
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