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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Fin Fan Coolers)

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Fin Fan Coolers) is apart from traditional Tubular heat exchangers manufacturing, We also has good experiences in designing and manufacturing air cooled heat exchangers for various industries.

We are able to provide various type of Fin Tube for the different design applications. The most common type of Fin Tube used are L, LL, KL, G, Extrusion and Wire wound.

Finned tubes heat Exchangers

Application for finned tubes heat exchangers

Cooling or heating of air process
Air cooling for electrical machines CACW
Cooling water
Transformer oil cooling for terrestrial or off shore equipment.
Intake air Protection filters for power generation turbines 
Marine applications or offshore.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Fin Fan Coolers)

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Fin Fan Coolers)


- Flat finned Tubes with turbulators, welded or expanded in collectors FLAT 
- Possibility of cleaning bundle inspection
- High mechanical strength of finned block
- Use in restricting industrial environments

- Flat finned Tubes with turbulators brazed on collectors
- For industrial environments use

- Flat finned Tubes with turbulators expanded into single or double tubesheet
- Removable header covers to access the tubes for cleaning
- Leak detection system with double plates

- Double flat finned tubes with turbulators, expanded on double tubesheet
- Removable header covers to access the tubes for cleaning
- Leak detection

- U Finned bundle expanded on tubesheets
- Removable covers or complete welded water boxes

All exchangers are manufactured and tested in accordance with the European Directive on Pressure Equipment (PED). On request they can be subjected to an inspection or certification of your choice.
Mechanical calculations notes are performed according to our standard construction codes or on your request:
- EN 13445
- AD Merkblatter

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

An air cooled heat exchanger system uses the ambient air temperature to cool a fluid circulating through a coil. This type of cooling can be used when the fluid being cooled is 5 F degrees or higher than ambient temperature. An air cooled heat exchanger is comprised of a coil, inlet/outlet headers, fans, motors, structural stand and several potential options.

Our coil tubes and fins can be manufactured using copper, stainless steel, aluminum, steel and galvanized steel

Inlet/Outlet Headers
Headers can be threaded pipe, flanged pipe, boxed end headers and plugged headers

Aluminum and Plastic fan blades are used in several different configurations.

Fan Arrangement 
Induced Draft or Forced Draft

NEMA and EC. Direct drive or Belt driven

Structural Stand
Heavy duty galvanized steel with a polyurethane paint, galvanized steel (no paint) or aluminum


Epoxy coated fins
E-Coat over entire coil
Air filters
Fin spacing to meet specific applications
Individual fan disconnects
Custom mounting legs to meet height requirements
Vibration dampers
Control panels
Pump Station
Mist assist (lowers dry bulb temperature of air before going over the cooling coil)

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