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Lord Fin Tube--Heat Exchanger Industry conditions
Heat Exchanger Industry conditions

Heat exchangers widely used in petroleum, chemicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, energy and other industrial production, often used as a cryogenic fluid heating or cooling the high temperature fluid, the liquid vaporized into steam or the vapor condenses into liquid. Heat exchanger unit can be a device, such as a heater, cooler and condenser, etc; also be part of a process equipment, such as ammonia synthesis tower heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is an important chemical production unit equipment, according to statistics, the tonnage of the heat exchanger equipment accounts for about 20% of the entire process, and some even up to 30%, and its importance can be imagined.

Shell and Tube

Shell and tube heat exchanger is a large and wide variety of products, an urgent need for new wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-strength materials. In the development of copper alloy composite material of stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy and non-metallic materials such as silicon carbide and others have varying degrees of progress, especially in the rapid development of titanium. Titanium on the sea, chlor-alkali and acetic acid has good corrosion resistance, such as re-heat transfer enhancement, the effect will be better, some of the manufacturing units have been better grasp of the titanium material manufacturing technology. For coating materials, our production lines from abroad. Aluminum-magnesium alloy has high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, the price is cheaper than titanium, it should be noted. Improvements in domestic energy efficiency and other aspects of heat exchanger performance, improve heat transfer efficiency and reduce the heat transfer area of ​​lower pressure drop, research equipment and other aspects of improving thermal strength we have made remarkable achievements. Extensive use of heat exchangers effectively improve the utilization of energy, to enable enterprises to reduce costs, improve efficiency. 


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