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Lord Fin Tube--Twisted flat tube heat exchanger
Twisted flat tube heat exchanger

In oil refining, chemical, petrochemical and energy and other application more than 85% of the heat exchanger used is the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger. For a wide variety of heat transfer requirements, this technology can be widely used because of the fact that the technology is a low-cost technology after the actual verification. However, the technology also has its limitations, its pressure drop is large, the formation of dead zone due to low flow velocity in the baffle plate, which may cause pollution and corrosion of equipment. And the vibration of the tube, which may cause the equipment failure. Recent innovation and development of a new technology, known as the spiral flat tube technology, can overcome the limitations of the traditional technology, in addition, through tube heat transfer can provide a superior total heat transfer coefficient.

The production process of the twisted flat tube produced by our company ensures that the thickness of the pipe wall is kept unchanged and no more than the yield point of the material. Both ends of the end of the tube end is still round, which is conducive to the tube plate connection. The material and diameter of the pipe is selected according to the need.

The heat exchanger has the advantages of anti pollution, high efficiency, low pressure and easy cleaning,


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