Lord Fin Tube-Finned radiator

Finned radiator is a kind of heat exchange equipment that is widely used in gas and liquid heat exchangers.

It achieves the purpose of enhancing heat transfer by adding fins to the ordinary base pipe. The base pipe can be steel pipe; stainless steel pipe; copper pipe. The fins can also be made of steel strip; stainless steel strip, copper strip, aluminum strip, etc.

1. Thermal performance requirements The higher the heat transfer coefficient K of a finned radiator, the better the heat dissipation performance. The methods of increasing the heat radiation amount of the radiator and increasing the heat transfer coefficient of the finned radiator can be increased by increasing the heat dissipation area of ​​the outer wall, increasing the air flow speed around the finned radiator, and increasing the radiation intensity of the radiator.

2. Economic requirements, the less the metal consumption per unit of heat transferred to the room by the finned radiator, the lower the cost and the better the economy. The metal thermal strength of a finned radiator is a measure of the economics of the radiator. Metal thermal strength refers to when the difference between the average temperature of the heat medium in the radiator and the indoor air temperature is 1 ° C. Heat dissipated per kilogram of mass radiator. This indicator can be used as an indicator to measure the economy of the same material radiator. For finned radiators of various materials, the economic evaluation standard should be measured by the cost (yuan / w) of the unit heat dissipation of the radiator.

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