Lord Fin Tube--Steam heater

Steam heater

Steam heater is a kind of heating equipment used for heating air as heating source. It is mainly used to heat the latent heat of steam, and release a large amount of heat when the steam is condensed.

Steam in the process of condensation, condensation of steam condensation water, through the trap, or after the collection into the boiler heating cycle again.

Steam heater main body is made of finned tubes, the pressure tube plate, bearing pipe box, a side plate and a steam inlet and outlet pipe and air import and export reducing composition. The air in and out of the mouth and the wind pipe is connected, through the fan forced into the air. The inlet end of the steam shall be placed on the top of the device, and the water outlet is near the bottom of the device. Air inlet should be close to the outlet end of the condensate, air outlet should be close to the entrance of the steam, although this can not achieve complete countercurrent, but this arrangement can be a certain degree of heat transfer temperature difference, to achieve the purpose of efficient heat transfer.

Since the steam usually has a certain pressure, the fin tube bundle can be used as the main heat exchanger element with two metal fin tubes. Due to the adoption of the advanced composite technology, in the tube temperature 210 degrees below the no contact thermal resistance, and conventional steam temperature are in less than 200 DEG C, so steam heater by Bi metallic finned tube as a finned tube bundle is advisable choice. It combines the high thermal conductivity of the steel tube, the high heat conduction, the heat transfer performance is excellent, and it avoids the direct contact between the steel tube and air, and the corrosion resistance is improved effectively. Because the fin is not folded, the air resistance is lower than the wound surface, the surface is not easy to dust, easy to clean, compact structure, large heat transfer area per unit.

The steam heater can be equipped with valve, solenoid valve, temperature control, digital display and other devices, so as to achieve the intelligent control, the temperature in the oven is always in an ideal equilibrium state.