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Lord Fin Tube--High Frequency Welding Studded Tube

High Frequency Welding Studded Pipe

High frequency welding fin tube is a new kind of heat transfer material which has the feature of wearing resistance and high efficient. And it is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving heat transfer element. 

 It adopts high frequency welding spiral technology, the national patent technology with high frequency power supplies as the heat source to heat the steel strip, steel pipe at the same time, yo make its welded together as a whole. This technology has the characteristics as high in thermal efficiency, large heat dissipation area, long service life, range adaptation temperature, high pressure, etc. 

Widely used in waste heat recovery, petrochemical industry, power plant boiler, economizer, coaches, civil building heating, refrigerating, drying, medicine of wood drying, food drying system and other industries.

The advantages of high frequency welding spiral fin tube: 

   1. The simple and economic installation 

        The maximum length of high frequency welding spiral finned tube can reach 6 meters, that reduces the join points, making the installation more economic, efficient, and also reduces the leakage probability of joints.

   2. Easy maintenance 

        After installation, high frequency welding spiral fin tube needs no longer to be maintained.

   3. High efficiency 

      The heat dissipation area of high frequency welding spiral fin tube is more than 8 times of the light tube.The internal is smooth, so the internal flow resistance is small.

   4. Long service life 

      Fin and pipes with high mechanical strength, so the tensile strength is more than 200 mpa. Both inside and outside of the tube are all made of hot dip galvanized processing.

    Weldable fin material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, corrosion resistant steel. 

    Weldable fin form: real tooth, tooth.

These tubes are specially used in petroleum applications.

The studs are arranged in staggered rows (rings).

All tubes and studs material combination can be manufactured: Carbon, stainless, and alloy steels.

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