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Lord Fin Tube-Brown Fintubes For Hairpin Coolers

Brown Fintubes For Hairpin Coolers:


Copper Alloy Seamless Condenser Tube 

Astm B111-11 (Uns No. C-44300)

Od: 60.3mm

Min. Wt: 3mm

Length Of Tube:6309 Mm

Un-Finned Length:209 Mm At One End And 100 Mm At Other End

Length Of Finned Section: 6000 Mm

Ends: Cut Square

Permissible Variations: 

1. Tube Length :+4 / -0 Mm

2. Tube Od: +0.15 / -0.15 Mm

3. Wt: +0.34 / -0 Mm


Brass Astm B36 Alloy No C-26800 Or Equivalent

Fins Shall Be Constructed From Channels Equally Spaced At Tube External Surface.

Each Of Channel Flanges Is Considered As A Fin

Channel Webs Shall Be Attached To Tube

External Surface By High Temp. Brazing.

Fins (I.E. Channel Flanges) Shall Be Perpendicular To Tube External Surface.

Angle Between Channel Flanges Is (9) Deg. (As Measured From Web Side).

Number Of Channels : 20

Fin Channel Web Thick. (Mm): 0.8

Fin (I.E. Channel Flange) Thickness (Mm) : 0.8

Fin Tip Circle Diameter (Mm): 98.4


Finned Tubes Shall Be Properly And

Suitable Packed To Protect The Fins And

Tube Ends From Damage During Lifting.

Handling And Shipment.


Tags Shall Be Securely Attached To Each Package.

Marking Tags Shall Contain At Least The

Following Information :-

- Name Or Brand Of Manuf.

- Tubes Specs.

- Foreign Purchase Order No.

- Gross Weight.


Tube Ends Shall Be Protected

Against Corrosion. Protective Coating

Should Suit Outdoor Storage And Can

Be Easily Removed Of Protection Shall Be

Specified In The Offer.

Data And Certificates Required Along With The Offer:

- Manuf.Name.

- Detailed Specs.

- Detailed Procedure Of Tube Fining And Brazing Wich Shall Include The Following:-

- Degreasing Details

- Pickling And Rinsing Details

- Flux And Filler Metal.

- Brazing Temp.

- Brazing Method And Atmosphere

- Measures Against Cracking.

- Variation In Dimension And Weights

- Packaging And Protection Of Tubes.

Mill Tests

Mill Test Certificate Is Required And

And Shall Include Results Of The

Following Tests :-

- Chemical Compositon Of Tubes And Fins

- Grain Size Of Tube Material

- Expansion Test

- Mercurous Nitrate Test

- Tension Test

- Eddy Current Test

- Hydrostatic Test

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