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Lord Fin Tube-How to Classify of finned tubes

The fin tube is a heat transfer element. In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency usually added with fins to increase the surface area (or inner surface area) of the heat exchange tube, which achieve the purpose of improving the heat exchange efficiency.It is a kind of heat transfer tube or heat pipe.

How to Classify the finned tubes

There are many types of finned tubes, and new varieties are emerging. In general can be classified by the following several aspects:

1, According to the processing technology classify the finned tubes

1), fin tube (extruded);

2), welding forming finned tube (high frequency welding finned tube, submerged arc welding fin tube);

3), rolling forming finned tube;

4), a set of shaped fin tube;

5), casting finned tube;

6), tension wound finned tube;

7), insert tube.


2,By fin shape classification

1), finned tube (Square);

2), circular finned tube;

3), finned tube (spiral);

4), Finned Tube (Longitudinal).

5), corrugated fin tube;

6), Serrated Finned Tubes Helical;

7), needle shaped fin tube;

8), the overall plate fin tube (Ban Chi);

9), finned tube (inner). Wait


3, According to the fin and tube fin material is the same as the base material can be divided into:

1), single metal finned tube

2), double metal composite fin tube


4,Classification of single metal fin tubes by material

1), fin tube;

2), aluminum finned tube;

3), carbon steel finned tube;

4), stainless steel finned tube;

5), cast iron (Cast steel) finned tubes, etc..


5,finned tube classifed by application


1), air conditioning with finned tube;

2), air cooling fin tube;

3), boiler: water cooling wall, coal, air preheater, respectively, the use of fin tube;

4), the industrial waste heat recovery with finned tube;

5), other special purpose finned tubes, etc.