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lord Fin Tube--What is the benefit of the economizer?

What is the benefit of the economizer?

Economizer installation benefits:

1, economizer heating boiler feedwater (softened) water temperature increase, rather than heating the boiler water. Absorb waste heat boiler feedwater heating, reducing heat loss and improve boiler efficiency, saving coal-fired accordingly.
2, economizer valve and thermometers to be installed separately, if you encounter an accident should immediately open the boiler water economizer bypass waterway, close economizer inlet and outlet.
3, water prior to entering the evaporator heating surface, the first carried out in the economizer heating, reducing heat absorption in the heat of vaporization of water in the face, which is equivalent to replace the part with economizer heating surface evaporation.
4, economizer heating surface is much cheaper than the cost of heating surface of the evaporator.