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Lord Fin Tube--Enamel coated steel air preheater

Enamel coated steel air preheater

(1) material composition

The new type of preheater tube box is composed of many thin enamel steel pipe and steel, enamel steel pipe is made of glass and enamel matrix, the new material incorporation of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, according to the certain scientific formula with into enamel, evenly coated steel tube outer surface and under the high temperature firing enamel composite tube.

(2) structural arrangement

Heater of the utility model is generally based on the horizontal layout, flow of air in the pipe, flue gas in pipe scour pipes are usually in-line arrangement, tube and tube plate can use heat packing seal and hermetically welded, can according to the customer request to choose, enamel tube usually take Phi 40 or a Phi 50 pipe.

(3) performance characteristics

The enamel tube of the preheater is not easy to break, the surface has no cracks, the acid and alkali corrosion, the corrosion of the flue gas, the high degree of smoothness, the resistance of the gas flow is small, not easy to be blocked;

II due to lateral erosion bundles in the flue gas, flue gas side heat transfer capacity strengthened, in the same heat transfer coefficients (enamel thickness and coefficient of thermal conductivity is relatively small, about 0.0002, timing can be neglected), tube wall temperature 10-30 DEG C higher than ordinary steel pipe vertical preheater, total heat transfer coefficient is about 20.3-24.2W/ (square meters DEG C);

Horizontal enamel tube in two kinds of sealing method, welding sealing tube box structure strength is higher, the pipe can be sealed after damage or the overall replacement, and heat seal, the pipe can only replace the pipe, maintenance convenient;

The preheater is mainly used for boiler preheater, in low temperature.

(4) testing and manufacturing standards

According to JB/T1616-93 "tube type air preheater technology condition" and enterprise standard Q/GHT001-2006 "enamel tube type air preheater" manufacture and acceptance.

Use of LG type welded steel rib tube

Brief description:

LG type welded steel fin tube (also known as YG type fin tube, CG type fin tube), is the core of modern heat exchanger, is a modern world advanced level of energy saving products, can be used as heat absorbing components, cooling components, is the use of a wide range of industrial products.

LG type finned tube (low medium pressure, high pressure boiler seamless steel tube and steel rib plate welded combination into the overall expansion tube) is achieved in the flash welding automation production line, with advanced technology, production stability, quality and reliability, high pressure strength, heat transfer effect is good, the equivalent heat capacity, high temperature and other advantages, its thermal energy in the domestic advanced level.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, power plants, refrigeration, construction and other fields, as the economizer, economizer, superheater and steam generator, air preheater, a cooler, a heat exchanger, etc.. The maximum working pressure is 5.88MPa (high pressure LG type rib tube is not restricted by the high pressure LG type rib) when the wall temperature is 450.