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Lord Fin Tube--Stainless Fin Tube 100 PCs

Stainless Finned Tube

Stainless Fin Tube

100 off tubes 25.4mm o/d x 1000mm finned length 230fins/m, 1100mm total length as well as 100 off 180deg bends. 
All material to be stainless steel.
- thickness of 2.77mm, 
- fin height/ thickness of 11/1.2
- bend size/radius 48/25.4
- material grade 304

Stainless steel steam heat exchanger is to create a whole stainless steel fin heat exchanger, stainless steel and stainless steel can be divided into two parts, because of the high cost of stainless steel (almost three times that of ordinary steel), so where necessary for stainless steel can greatly save the cost cost, compared with stainless steel for high cost

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