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Lord Fin Tube--ND (09CrCuSb) Steel Finned Tube

ND (09CrCuSb) Steel Finned Tube

T.S. Industrial Co.,Ltd specializing in the production of high-frequency welding spiral finned tube, steel and aluminum composite finned tube, superconducting heat pipe and a variety of waste heat recovery equipment business, the company has many years engaged in the industry product manufacturing, technology and sales staff, advanced equipment, technology Strong strength. The main products are: a variety of high-frequency welding spiral finned tube (¢ 25 - ¢ 219), stainless steel finned tube, carbon steel finned tube, alloy steel finned tube, ND (09CrCuSb) steel finned tube, Metal-aluminum composite finned tube, copper-aluminum composite finned tube, stainless steel aluminum composite finned tube, workshop and greenhouse shed fin tube radiator, superconducting heat pipe, low temperature heat pipe, medium heat pipe and All kinds of heat pipe heat exchanger, heat pipe air preheater, heat pipe type cold water heater, heat pipe economizer, fin tube heat exchanger, waste heat recovery equipment and other related products. The company always adhere to the "quality-oriented, integrity management" principle. We use high-quality raw materials and improve the processing technology to ensure that customers of the quality requirements, to the real price to attract customers. Dedicated to the environmental protection industry, the boiler industry, petrochemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, and other supporting services. Adhere to the science and technology as the leading, and continuously enhance the ability of independent innovation, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market is unique, wind and waves increasingly grow and develop.

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