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Lord Fin Tube--Air-cooled finned tube

Welded heat transfer tube: 
Continuous high-frequency resistance welding spiral wound finned tube / serrated finned tube
Studded ERW pipe 
H-shaped electric resistance welded finned tube / square finned tube / rectangular finned tube 
Non-welded heat transfer tube: 
Air-cooled finned tube / bimetallic finned tubes / Steel Aluminium fin tube / aluminum fin tube overall rolling Open air-cooled finned tube tooth / Serrated bimetallic finned tubes  / Aluminium composite finned tube with teeth / tooth overall rolling open aluminum finned tube / integrity single metal high finned tube / integrity single metal low finned tube/ finned tube / threaded pipe / Corrugated Tube/  air-cooled  embedded finned tube / inlaid bimetallic finned tubes / mosaic fin-tube / G-type finned tube / Air-cooled finned tube / bimetal finned tube / wound finned tube / pipe around the sheet / cold around the tube / L-finned tube, LL-type fin tube, KL finned tube Finned tube air-cooled stamping galvanized rectangular / oval finned tubes Heat Transfer Equipment: Direct flame furnace convection section Air preheater Air Cooler, bearing cooler module HRSG Module