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Lord Fin Tube-Application of bimetal rolled finned tube

Application of bimetal rolled finned tube

The fining ratio of the bimetal rolled fin tube/steel-aluminum composite fin tube is between 13.5-22.7, which can meet the needs of various process conditions. The bonding rate is more than 90%, and the temperature inside the tube is less than 210 degrees for a long time. There is no attenuation of the heat exchange power in the working environment for a long time. The companys products are divided into two categories, industrial and civil. Various types of finned tubes, heat pipe heat exchange elements and air heaters, coolers, various boiler economizers, heat pipes and finned tube waste heat recovery equipment, iron and steel professional sintering waste heat boilers, lime kiln air, gas preheating Air heaters, blast furnace hot blast stoves, separated and overall heat pipe air, gas preheaters, power plant heaters, household radiators and other drying and heating equipment and other products.