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Lord Fin Tube-Application of boiler nail head tube

Application and processing requirements of boiler nail head tube

First, nail head tube usage, In the petrochemical industry and other industries, the application of the nail head tube in the convection chamber of the heating furnace can improve the heat transfer coefficient on the flue gas side. The area of ​​the nail head tube is 2 to 3 times that of the light pipe. Therefore, due to the application of the nail head tube, it can be designed reasonably. Get the same thermal intensity as radiation

Second, the nail head tube equipment adopts resistance welding method, the welding process is controlled by PLC program, the feed motor and indexing adopt brake motor, the man-machine interface can set the number of nail heads, the indexing parameters and the compensation coefficient, according to the process requirements. Guarantee product quality and accuracy

Third, nail head tube technical characteristics

    1. The specifications of the nail head can be adjusted according to user needs;

    2. The height of the solder bump of the root of the welding nail head is about 1mm (to meet the requirements of no-tumor welding);

    3. High welding efficiency, 30 nail heads can be welded every minute;

    4. The welding machine power is 160kVA; the grid voltage is single phase 380V.

    Market and economic benefit forecast

The nail head tube is the main component of chemical equipment and heat exchange equipment. The head tube is required for the manufacturing or equipment maintenance of the above equipment. No-tumor welding is an advanced and stable process in the manufacture of nail head tubes, and has an effective and good use prospect.

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