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Lord Fin Tube-Centrifugal sewage heat exchanger

Sewage heat exchanger, also called centrifugal sewage heat exchanger, is the most widely used sewage treatment equipment in the world at present. The difficulty lies in how to solve the original sewage blockage and corrosion and improve the heat transfer efficiency. The centrifugal sewage heat exchanger play an important role, which become the hot cake sewage source heat pump technology applications. In March 7, 2012, the centrifugal sewage heat exchanger was granted the utility model patent by the State Patent Bureau, and tested with the national thermal test institution of the Department of thermal engineering of Tsinghua University. After continuous innovation, new types of centrifugal sewage heat exchangers, such as mine water, slag water, printing and dyeing wastewater, have been available.


Sewage heat exchanger solve the problem of corrosion and scaling; in the design, the sewage heat exchanger break the conception inertia of the shackles, change the industry in the use of sewage on the choice of the route, so that sewage directly into the heat exchanger, by divert,not filter. This makes the sewage and sewage debris in heat exchanger in smooth flow, medium current water using the motion laws of fluid and the recuperative heat principle, solve the application of sewage clogging problem, improve heat exchange efficiency. To solve the existing heat exchanger front end uses a large number of filters, so that the original low grade heat source, the filter after the heat of the taste is lower, the efficiency is very low. In addition, some of the sewage is the use of the recycling of waste water discharged into the original pool, repeated the waste of water treatment costs, the area is also great. Lidamycin company wastewater for heat exchanger solves for heat exchanger cannot pass without sewage, waste water, can fully the utilization of sewage waste water low grade heat energy, so that urban sewage can be effectively utilized, no longer flow away in vain.


Chinas industrial wastewater emissions about 400 tons,there are 20%-30% for high temperature sewage, emissions of 50 degree and 80 degree, which is the printing and dyeing, paper industry, sewage capacity of about 120 tons, which contains a lot of heat, if the water is discharged from the 10 degrees Celsius temperature, the annual savings of 17100000 tons of coal, other industries also have a very big recycling potential.


At the same time in sewage heat transfer Tonglida company, taking into account the transfer of sewage water heat special nature in flow control and change the daily processing of heat exchanger maintenance efforts, the applicability of research materials of different, according to the sewage water quality for different material of heat exchanger. At the same time, the latest anti scaling technology, the scale of sewage treatment and long time for not only can achieve the good effect of heat transfer. At the same time, reduce the sewage pollution of the environment.


Centrifugal sewage heat exchanger is the most widely used sewage heat exchange equipment in the world. and Sewage source heat pump heat exchanger is a technology frontier products.