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Composite fin tube|Bimetallic finned tubes

Production method of composite fin tube (Bimetallic finned tubes)

At present, the production methods of composite finned tubes mainly include welding method and rolling method.
Composite fin tube (Bimetallic finned tubes) welding method
Welding method: Based on the bimetal composite pipe, the metal fin is directly welded to the outer surface of the composite pipe with a welding gun. With this method, different sizes and different materials of outer fins can be selected for welding according to the needs of the product, so that a variety of specifications of composite fin tubes can be produced, but due to the presence of a large number of oxides and impurities at the weld, the transmission The thermal efficiency is greatly reduced, so the performance of the composite finned tube is poor.
Composite fin tube (Bimetallic finned tubes) rolling/extruded method
Rolling/extruded method: A core rod is lined in the bimetal composite pipe, driven by the rotation of the roller blade, the composite pipe is processed with fins on its outer surface through the cavity formed by the rolling groove and the core head. Because the outer tube and the fins of the heat transfer tube produced by this method are an organic whole, there is no problem of contact heat loss, and it has good performance and high heat transfer efficiency. In this experiment, the three-roll rolling method was selected to study the composite fin tube, and the influence of the rolling reduction, the wall thickness of the outer tube, the metal state and the helix angle of the core head on the formation of the inner and outer fins was analyzed.