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Lord Fin Tube-How to prevent finned tube corrosion

How to prevent finned tube corrosion

When finned tubes are in use, they are worried about the corrosion of finned tubes. As for how to prevent finned tubes from being corroded, our company is a professional finned tube manufacturer. Let us learn about how to prevent finned tubes from corrosion?

(1) The design of the heating system should try to prevent the system from communicating with the oxygen, that is, as tight as possible, such as the location of the exhaust cock, the closure of the circulating pump, etc., and at the same time, avoid low pressure during the operation of the equipment, which also avoids Unnecessary water loss.

(2) Make-up water must be deoxidized.

(3) Add corrosion inhibitor to heating water.

(4) When the heating is stopped, the finned tube shall be maintained by dry method or deoxidized water.

(5) When the finned tube is newly installed for pressure test, the water pressure test medium should be added with water solvent antirust agent.

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