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Lord Fin Tube-Blind disk is flange cover

The normal name of blind disk is flange cover, and some are also called blind flange, tube plate or pipe plug. It is a flange without a hole in the middle, which is used to block pipe openings. The function is the same as that of the head and cap, except that the blind plate seal is a detachable sealing device, and the seal of the head is not ready to be opened again. There are many types of sealing surface, including plane, convex surface, concave-convex surface, tongue and groove surface and ring connection surface. The materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, PVC and PPR.

The blind plate is mainly used to completely isolate the production medium to prevent the shut-off valve from being tightly closed, affecting production and even causing accidents. Blind plates should be installed in the parts that require isolation, such as the equipment connection port, the front and back of the shut-off valve, or between two flanges. It is often recommended to use 8-shaped blind plates; plugs can also be used for single-use parts such as pressing and purging. Plate (round blind plate).

Blind plate production process: generally divided into four types: forging, casting and forging, middle plate cutting and casting. Among them, forging products have the highest price, followed by medium plates, and casting and forging are the lowest. And casting is the most inferior process. The quality is good for forging and medium plates, while forging and forging are slightly worse.