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Lord Fin Tube--Flue gas waste heat recovery

Flue gas waste heat recovery

High temperature flue gas from a variety of metallurgical furnaces often take away 20 ~ 50% of the heat supply of the furnace. In contrast to the flow direction of the metallurgical furnace gas and the preheating medium, the waste heat can be utilized to reach the high preheating temperature, and the wall of the furnace is made of heat resistant material.

For nearly ten years, due to the energy shortage, along with the energy conservation work further development. A variety of new, advanced energy saving furnace maturing, and the use of new type refractory fiber quality insulation material, after the furnace heat loss decreased significantly. The use of advanced combustion device to strengthen the combustion, and reduce the amount of incomplete combustion, the air fuel ratio is reasonable. However, the technology of reducing the heat loss of flue gas and recovering the waste heat of the flue gas is still in progress. In order to further improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace, to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption, recycling flue gas waste heat is an important energy saving way.

Flue gas is the main way to waste energy of the general energy consuming equipment, such as the energy consumption of the boiler is about 15%, and other equipment such as printing and dyeing industry, the main energy consumption is the main energy consumption through the flue gas emissions. Flue gas waste heat recovery is mainly through a heat transfer to the heat of the flue gas can be used to heat.