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Lord Fin Tube-H-type finned tube economizer

H-type finned tube waste heat recovery device (also known as economizer); H-type finned tube economizer technology uses H-type finned tube (also known as H-type; basic form is "H" type and double "H" type, arranged in sequence; 1) economizer uses H-type finned tube economizer instead of smooth tube economizer, can be; 3) H-type finned tube economizer uses in-line distribution; H-type fin holder space; 4) H-type fin can achieve the best blowing due to the formation of straight channels on both sides; 6) energy-saving, less power consumption: economizer for generating units, at least can be reduced; 7) simple operation and maintenance;

Type H fin fin fin tube type waste heat recovery unit (also called economizer)

H-type finned-tube economizer is a high-efficiency heat exchange economizer assembled by H-type finned tube (also known as H-type finned tube, finned tube, butterfly tube).

1. structure form:The basic form is "H" type and double "H" type, arranged in sequence.

2. performance characteristics

(1) Replacing bare tube economizer with H-type finned tube economizer can increase heat transfer area and reduce the number of tubes arranged, thus increasing the flue gas flow cross section, reducing the flue gas velocity and reducing wear. Since the wear rate of the pipe is proportional to the 3.33 power of the flue gas flow rate, if the flue gas velocity is reduced from 9 m/s to 7 m/s, the wear rate will be reduced to 43% of the original one. At the same time, the experiment shows that the finned tube itself has the function of centralizing fly ash into the middle of the tube row, so the finned tube economizer has the function of reducing wear and tear in structure.

(2) H-type finned tube can be made into double-tube "double-H" type finned tube. Its structure is rigid and can be used in the case of long tube row.

(3) H-type finned tube economizer is arranged in sequence. H-type fins divide the space into several small areas, which can equalize the flow of air and reduce the wear greatly.

(4) H type fins have the best soot blowing effect due to the formation of straight passages on both sides.

(5) the space is compact, the overall weight is greatly reduced, and the cost is reduced.

(6) Energy saving and less power consumption: The economizer used for generating units can reduce at least two-thirds of the heat loss of exhaust gas from generators, and consume only 2-4 kW of power per ton of steam.

(7) Simple operation and maintenance; Labor saving: The economizer is assembled and manufactured as a whole, with fewer moving parts, simple structure and easy installation. The automation level is high, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the operators can be reduced.

3. parameter

Steam pressure: 0.5 to 4 MPa

Steam form: saturated steam / superheated steam

4. cycle mode

Natural circulation / compulsory circulation

5. adaptation range

Suitable for various types of generating units with power range of 600 kW to 15 000 kW and various waste heat resources with temperature greater than 300 C.

H-type fin tube, also known as H-type ribbed tube, H-type extended surface tube, also known as butterfly tube, it is two pieces of steel with arc in the middle symmetrically welded together with the smooth tube to form fins (fins or butterflies), the front shape is quite like the capital letter "H", so it is called H-type fin tube (H-type fin tube).

The two fins of the H finned tube are rectangular, approximately square, with a length of about 2 times that of the light tube. It is an extended heating surface. Flash resistance welding technology is used for H-type finned tube. The weld fusion rate is high, the tensile strength of weld is high, and the heat conductivity is good. H-type finned tube can also be made into double-tube "double-h" type finned tube. Its structure is rigid and can be used in the case of long tube row.

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H-type finned tube

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